The Best Places to Shop in New York City for Modern Classic Fashion for Women of Age 50

Modern Classic Clothing. likes · 1 talking about this. Gents Clothing Store, inspiration from the 50's and 60's and remaining true to the modernist.

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Jul 19,  · For women aged 50, finding modern, classic clothing is a breeze in New York, with the city offering a place to shop in almost every neighborhood. If you live in .
Jul 19,  · For women aged 50, finding modern, classic clothing is a breeze in New York, with the city offering a place to shop in almost every neighborhood. If you live in .
Angie loves to mix classic with modern and the latest trends. Find out more about her modern classic style and what inspires her fashion choices!
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modern classic style Please be advised that all of the

That translates into adding a sophisticated element to any outfit, be it casual or dressy. I have more fun with fashion every year, and expect that trend to continue. Yes, my body is aging, and its hard to come to terms with that when your mind feels more alive and fit than ever.

We can have fun with fashion and style at any age. My plus year old clients are proof of that, and amongst the most stylish women I know. I have an appreciation of all things aesthetic. If I take great care choosing the crockery I use to serve our food, or the decorations in our house, the way I dress and groom myself is important to me in the same way.

Dressing is also a powerful form of self expression, and an opportunity to have fun. At the moment, I am especially enjoying the bumper knitwear trend, fluid and boxy fits, pastels, sporty-luxe items, ankle strap footwear, and white-out. Assess how an item or outfit makes you feel as well as how it looks because style comes from the inside out, and not the other way around. If something makes you feel fabulous, wear it.

Thank you so much Angie. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you. Thanks for this great interview with Angie. I have enjoyed her wonderful website for quite some time. She has exquisite personal style and has a very large and active membership community.

So glad you featured Angie. I love her website, and visit often. Plus, we both live in Seattle, so I can really appreciate her personal style choices! Angie is truly fab. I love her blog — have followed for years — and it is a constant source of inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing more about her, Sylvia. Love her pixie do!

There is no way I can pick a favorite, but thank you for a wonderful interview with one of my favorite people! So good to see Angie featured here Sylvia. Angie is amazing and so gifted. I have been an active member on You Look Fab for the past three years and she has truly revolutionised my wardrobe and my approach to style.

Her own style is impeccable. Angie is so good. I came across an outfit of hers a year ago or so with blue at the top and silver brogues. More polished, but still classic looks good for both casual and work are at North Style in size 6 to 24W. Meanwhile, Lane Bryant has been getting a more classic to contemporary make over under new direction with some upscale offerings available exclusively on-line in size 14 to 28W.

Working women will want to check-out the extensive on-line inventory at Dress Barn , and both the tailored jackets and sportswear separates at Coldwater Creek. Classic, upscale no-iron button down shirts and blouses are a specialty at Foxcroft which is a label found at many of the better and luxury department stores and retailers in size 0 to 24W. Super size women, especially, will want to check out the amazing dress collection at eShakti which bases many of its designs on midth century vintage patterns in size 0 to 36W.

Catherine's is the best source for more casual looks in size 16 to 34W, with petite plus size XL to 5X available. Mean while, those who enjoy designer clothes but have tighter budgets will find the same labels available at the main flagship stores, but in past season styles at Saks OFF 5TH and Neiman Marcus Last Call in size 0 to 24W.

Lace Cocktail Dress Size 10 - 32W. Please be advised that all of the "Editor's Picks" featured in this section are hand-selected by Elegant Plus. Serving Savvy Web Shoppers Since Knit Sheath Dress Size 14 - 28W.

Outerwear, as a large investment piece, is often offered in more classic styles such as trench coats, leather moto jackets, and wool peacoats. Ralph Lauren is available from many of the better department stores in women's sizes to 22W, and is known for both the quality and classic American designs including sportswear, career wear, and occasion wear. Tailored career wear including jackets, suiting separates, and dresses are a must stop for Talbots , in addition to their sportswear and weekend casual styles in natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, and cashmere.

Striped Hoody Size S - 3X. She taught me to work with a few basic pieces as a base and to change the look by mixing and accessorizing. Classic need not be boring. In fact, it can be fashion forward, but I do think that takes some prctice. I love classic pieces too! They are the foundation of my wardrobe and I lean on them more as I get older. You know, the funny thing is, I have one or more of probably every item on your list, although they tend to be patterned and textured in a way that yours are not.

I can mix one classic piece in with my other clothes and it usually goes OK. If I wear a button down tucked into something with a stiff waistband, it looks rumply and seedy within an hour. Collars flop and sag asymmetrically instead of standing up crisply, or get pulled under the jacket by mysterious forces.

The fronts of skirts wrinkle immediately. Or something twists and migrates around my body. Anyway, I have accepted my handicap and embraced the wonder that is knitwear. Oh, this is totally my style. Hmm, I am still not sure… I also have almost all of these classic elements as the basics in my wardrobe and I prefer tailored items in general. I also appreciate good quality and fit above all for my clothing and prefer dressy to casual any time t-shirts see light of day in the gym or during house renovations only.

However not all my pieces are tailored and classic: I love oversized tunics and blouses with skinnies, leggings with modern sack and A-line dresses, tailored but not classic in shape jackets with interesting unique details, bright and deep colors… So I definitely have a classic element to my style but is my style modern classic or something else? This is great, Angie!

That is hugely helpful to me. I have nearly everything on this list, but I realize that my wardrobe is beginning to have the fun element I desire because some of the items, as you say, are a twist on classic — instead of a white button down, I have a purple gingham button down. Instead of brown loafers, I have yellow ones. That revelation it probably seems obvious! Thanks for a great post!

Yes, it might be boring but I feel empowered when I wear my simple yet classic styles. Love the photos you included at the end of the post. I could see myself comfortably wearing most of them. Jennifer Aniston is one of my style icons because of her simple and understated style. So helpful of you to share your revelation with us! You have definitely become more classic since I started reading the blog, and your outfits have never looked better than they have in the past year. Your insights about buying classic items in unexpected colors is brilliant.

For me, part of getting the classic thing right was finding items that fit properly, and were flattering. They fit me better and are still classic.

I also think that midi-length fitted dresses are very classic in form. Looking at your first outfit top left makes me long for a pantsuit. That will be on my list for ! I believe in the power of classic pieces completely. My wardrobe, like yours Angie, is made up mainly of such pieces. I see these items as the canvas on which to build a look. This is also one of the conclusions I have come to.

I want to have more timeless classic pieces and modernise them with a fashionable piece and a bit more color.

Something you can do oh so well Angie! As I suspected, I own less than half of these items, and I wear them in a pretty un-classic manner.

I can appreciate a good classic style like yours, Angie on others, just not on myself, where it feels overly buttoned up and uncomfortable. Angie, as I read thru your list I could feel myself nodding in agreement. For each item you listed, I either own said item or have it on my list to purchase. It would seem that I am a modern classic after all.

Because of my climate, lifestyle, and budget, I have less than half of the items on this list, but every one of them seems positively dreamy to me! I know that classic items are available at every price point, but I wonder if the cheap versions are one of the reasons classic style gets a bad rap.

This post confirms things nicely for me. I own most of those classic pieces, and many in neutral colors although I love classics in enexpected colors like my cobalt blue trench. But if I were to wear them head-to-toe, I would probably feel frumpy or just plain not like me.

This is not to say head-to-toe classic is frumpy! Funny thing, Airin, I am becoming less of a classic dresser as I age. I was drawn more to classic style when I was young like you. I say embrace the style you want to have, whatever age you are! I feel so ashamed. I own every item on that list in some form. Out of the 19 items you list as classic, I have 11 of them and am actively looking for 3 more white button down shirt, loafers, sheath dress.

And I really appreciate you including the outfits of yours as a visual reference. I love everyone of the items on the list, own most in some form, but need to work on the impeccably tailored aspect. Can I be sloppy Classic? Or is that an oxymoron? Proud to be on Team Classic or wannabe Classic. Yay for classic dressing! This will be my year to update my classic dressing as I have all but one of the items listed. I proudly have all of these items or have them high on the top of must have list as is the case with loafers.

And am really embracing my predominantly modern classic style. So lots of people go out and get them but the items are cheaply made or ill-fitting. And then instead of sporting classic style they end up with what I call generic non-style. I mean honestly how many times have we all seen someone in a boxy white button down, too short black pants, and worn clunky loafers. This is a text book example of generic nonstyle in my book.

Classic and proud of it I guess, because I have everything on your list except a peacoat! What a great list and an interesting read. I do want to add argyle to the list of classic patterns and prints.

And a wrap dress to the list of classic dresses. At least to me these are also classic. I love my Brooks Brothers button downs. I also like sheer white tunics in hotter months. Yep, I own this.

I am a big fan of blazers too, and many of mine are 1 or 2 buttons. I also have one of these and enjoy it. A hard to fit item for me, I tend to stay away from these but own a pair for business meetings.

I enjoy stripes and own many striped t-shirts and even a striped cardigan. I have to keep looking the other way at the striped blazers or one will follow me home one day.

I do own black knits, but my darkest turtleneck is charcoal grey instead of black. I adore cashmere and own a few pulloevers. Love them and own a few pairs. It balances my shape and I like pairing them with my boots. A hard to fit item for me, I currently do not own one. I do have some wrap dresses though. I want a pair of these come spring time. I like the added coverage versus a ballet flat. My necklaces are generally pendants versus a full strand, but I do own two pendant pearls.

I have most of the items you listed and I like to pair them with trendier pieces and bright colors. I own most of the items on the list, so I guess my style is predominantly classic, though I do try to incorporate a few trendy items so as not to look dated.

To me, classic means a style that is not exaggerated in any way and can be worn year after year. It just stays in style a lot longer than a trend or a fad. I will say I have a couple of these things — the coats, mostly — but have zero interest in being classic. There is a reason I have yet to wear my black pencil skirt 5 months later.

My white button down? I wore it once 2 summers ago like a camp shirt over a halter top. Almost wore it for going out under a burgundy velvet jacket but plans got cancelled, so that outfit never saw the light of day. That makes one wear in almost a year and a half.

It just confirms what I already know… that I am classic—apologetically so. Aside from the pants suit and trousers, I either own each item or have them on my wish list. Sveta, you definitely have a modern classic element to your look. On some days you look more classic than on other days.

They transform into whatever you want them to. And you have grasped that concept. Sarah, your thoughts are spot on. Again, my point is that you can use classic items in any style at all. I love classic dressing during the week and I really do try to spice it up on the weekends! As a working women in a conservative profession, I do have all of these pieces and some variations i. I think J Crew every time I think of modern dressing.

I am in my 70s, and I love the classic look! This is a great post and the visuals, of course, are fabulous and illustrate your points perfectly! You capture modern classic perfectly. Nothing stuffy or staid about these looks: Quite the opposite, in fact. Your cut is quite edgy and works in interesting ways with your classic pieces. The juxtaposition is very eye-catching and fresh, and helps to define your particular style, IMHO.

Thanks so much for the powerfully helpful post on classic dressing. I will print this out to use both personally and professionally. Another classic and proud of it! With the years I see that the classical pieces are the ones that I always love, never go out of style and are never boring your photos are a lovely example of that!

I invest more on these pieces too. Here the cut and the fabric must be impecable! I wrote in your forum post: And I just love many of the above outfits — especially the ones that involve a blazer, skinny pants or collared shirt. I found a few simple silhouettes that work for me skinnies, button downs or simple sweaters, flats and stick to them religiously.

My favorite color is actually red, but I deploy it in tiny doses, usually on fingernails and occasionally on shoes.

As I get older I look forward to upgrading the things I have now, improving material and cut, and further refine my style. It feels so good to be validated. I have everything on this list with the exception of a pea coat, turtleneck, and the classic pump hard to find those in a comfy heel under 2in. Great post Angie, very interesting. You rock this look like no other and I can totally appreciate it on others but it just seems way to dressy for my casual lifestyle.

Angie, actually it makes perfect sense. I wore completely modern classic outfit yesterday: Today I still have 2 calssic items in my outfit white button down and knotted pearls but the rest is not: I guess I could not articulate what my style is because change it from day to day — I even thought I do not have any style because of this.

In any way I am quite happy to be modern classic as I really like it and most of my favorite style icons on YLF are modern classic. BTW, do you consider your style modern classic or something else with classic element in it? Thanks Angie, I guess I do have classic style, after all.

I love this post and I love the visuals most of all! What a great retrospective: A Year of Modern Classic. I own or aspire to own most of the items on that list. This is well worth pondering!

I did not know you have a thing for black turtlenecks too… You had me at black turtleneck: And yes, I did notice your transition to an impeccable classic style. I think I share a lot of your thoughts in this matter. To me, proper fit is what elevates an outfit from just nice to perfection. Also, I prefer tailored pieces and richness in material and construction. But like i said, if i had to choose a style other than my own to cultivate it would be Classic Elegant.

The last few years i have learned that classic pieces work wonderfully in my non-classic style — as you say Angie, the perfect fit, gorgeous fabrics and attention to detail elevate whatever else you have going on! Classics will play nicely with any other style! So much food for thought! Yes, I love classic wardrobe items. And I also love adding more modern elements like skinnies.

I think the negative connotation of classic style is thinking that it means classic pieces worn in classic ways! With no modern added or no interesting new combinations.

That is what I want to stay away from. I am thinking that a denim shirt is somewhat of a classic piece. And if the version is more RATE, with a semi-worn denim look, is that less classic? Or would it be modern classic?

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