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Parents, please be a voice for your children!

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Refine your search for loose fit shorts women. Refine more Format Format. Best Match Best Match. Items in search results. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. Activewear - Activewear Bottoms Condition see all Condition. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Item location see all Item location. Delivery options see all Delivery options. Show only see all Show only. Not everyone feels that it is acceptable for people to parade around in public in what looks like ones underwear.

It is not neccesary to their performance. Cheerleaders is another one that is revolting. They wear special underwear so people can see tiger stripes when they show off their privates to the public. Did you ever watch collegiate volleyball 20 years ago? The shorts used to be even shorter high-cut brief style. I take great offense to the comments about cheerleaders. So yeah, If my daughter played highschool volleyball I would have a problem with the uniform.

I agree with you that the shorts are needlessly short and tight. Still, proposing the banning of cameras is absurd.

Just address the issue directly. Also, even if you do wear longer shorts, 1. Its harder to move in 3. So quit complaining, suck it up, and finally, if you dont like what your daughter is wearing then have her do skiing or something where your covered up to your neck.

Two out of your three points show how immature you are. Did you even understand what this article was about? You have just proven this article correct. Two out of three of your points were fashion related. Honestly, if you win who cares how you look?

One day when you have a daughter maybe you will understand. Taboo like the ones this article is reinforcing that spandex is bad, or seeing someone in spandex will turn people in perverts, or that girls or anyone should feel shame about their bodies being seen in form fitting clothing. Let me get this straight: Have you seen what else is on the internet?

I live in a country where both boys and girls and both men and women wear spandex shorts and pants for all kinds of sporting activities. Nobody makes a big deal about it because no one is sexualizing the clothing here like you did with this article.

Her point is that people are obviously taking pictures of underage girls in tight shorts and glorifying them as sexual image. It has nothing to do with what else is on the internet. Oh, and the word you are looking for is moot, not mute. The problem is not even spandex as much as it is the length. Do you see the difference between uniforms? Not true, I used to bicycle to work and home everyday and I wore spandex to do so. Spandex shorts can be very binding to a certain appendage if you move around a lot in them.

But looser shorts can snag on things. Or worse, they can allow stinging insects to fly up into them while riding down the road. There is a clear advantage to wearing spandex when cycling but the binding makes them more of a hindrance in many sports. The spandex has a better chance not to be pulled off or ride up in the event of a slide across a gymnasium floor than looser shorts, such as basketball shorts.

Male uniforms are different from female uniforms for varying reasons and function is more of it than form. Coaches care about performance, if the uniform was more of a distraction or hindrance then the coaches would be seeking to change them. Someone pointed this discussion out to me. No matter what age they are But the suggestion to ban photographers is extreme i think. I am a professional photographer and the bulk of my income comes from paying vendor fees to shoot volleyball tournaments and my employees and i sell them on site at the tournaments.

I have been playing for about 8 years now and its just always been a requirement for games. But you can wear work out shorts to practice if it really bothers a young girl a lot.

In my opinion it is easier to play in spandex but they are not built for my body type, I have hips and larger thighs due to muscles and they are mainly for girls with really skinny legs, and of course being height of males. I love the sport, the uniforms have always been an issue with me, team mates, and my parents. They tend to get smaller and smaller the older you get.

Mainly because the uniforms are made for all ages including 9 year olds. I do not blame anyone for questioning the uniforms or not wanting pictures taken cause its pretty degrading and makes us volleyball players seem nonathletic and slutty.

I understand what you are saying and I understand that your motherly instincts are kicking in, but you are assuming way too many things about every guy out there.

Are you going to make your daughter wear swimming trunks to the beach? They cover less than spandex but are socially acceptable because everyone wears them. Most men also wear swimming trunks because that is normal. This is why men wear shorts to play volleyball. It is the same thing.

How is this different from swimsuits that girls wear on their swim and dive teams or leotards that gymnasts wear? Perhaps the point you are making is that the sports I mentioned have those uniforms for practical reasons while one could debate the practical necessity of volleyball shorts designed as they currently are. As for the other issue regarding forbidding of anyone photographing your daughter at competitions, that will never happen.

You can legally take pictures of anything that is visible to the general public whether it or you are on public or private property. That means you can legally take pictures of children, athletes, people on the street, beach bathers, buildings, cars, policemen, accident scenes, government officials, airplanes, airports, trains, and so on. You can legally take pictures when you are on private property, if that property is open to the public e.

Basically — If anyone can see it, you can shoot it. You do not need permission to take pictures. There are laws regarding what a person can publish but preventing someone from taking pictures from a place open to the public is generally not legally enforceable. I can just put my hand over the lens. You can ask someone not to include your daughter in a photograph, but you are merely requesting someone to not photograph your daughter, as such a request cannot be enforced.

Your request in and of itself is not complicated but you cannot enforce it, so it does become complicated. If you are implying that you as the mother would cover my lense preventing me from photographing something I have a legal right to photograph, then you can bet things will get complicated very quickly.

How do you know what is being captured in my camera? What about all the scores of people at an event, each with their own camera or camera phone? I routinely do this for gymnastics and track, capturing the gymnastics routines of other girls or the high jump technique of other well known athletes so my daughter can size up competition or improve her own technique.

She specifically requests that I video certain athletes. You are assuming the worst about someone else just because they have a camera in their hand and that they either are a child-molester or that their photographs will end up serving the depraved desires of those who are. You are making an assumption about my intent and my subject merely based upon having a camera or camera phone in my hand pointed in some general direction that you just assume must include your daughter.

What about the pool, water park, playing on the street or in a park, wearing shorts around town, etc? You cannot try to personally police and cover every camera that may or may not capture your daughter, whether deliberately or incidentally. I wish you luck but if I ever ran across someone following me around covering my lens preventing me from capturing a special event either for my daughter or including my daughter — just because you incorrectly assume that the world must revolve around your daughter and that all cameras are attached to a person up to good or may be seen or sent to someone who may be up to no good — then I will simply call the police and file a nuisance or harassment complaint against you for preventing me from capturing something I have a legal right to capture.

If this happens repeatedly I will get a restraining order. The law is not on your side. I do understand your intent, but in this day and age, you cannot prevent pictures of your children from making their way to the internet or into the personal image collection of others, whether deliberately or inadvertently. In your paranoid and obsessive quest to protect your daughter from the acts of a few, you have sadly reached the stage of assuming that every parent or every spectator with a camera is a threat to your daughter who is willingly engaging in pedophilia-like activities or knowingly or unknowingly supporting those depraved tendencies in others.

You may not like it, but sadly, you cannot shield your daughter from every camera within zoom range of her. You are tilting at windmills here.. I have to say that i agree with JT fully. I truly do empathise with your concerns, Jessica, but as a professional photographer that pays vendor fees to cover events like volleyball, if a parent asks me not to shoot their child, i would do my best to comply.

If a parent covered my lens, i would have them escorted from the gym and believe me, that actually happened once-the parent escalated it, and their child was kicked off the volleyball club team. I did not enjoy that, but if someone accuses me of wrong intentions, i must take strong legal action against them since my income depends on my sales to parents and if someone slanders me, it could be the kiss of death for my business. On the other side of the coin, i do fully agree with you that the short shorts the girls wear are completely inappropriate and wish the teams would change their uniform to the baggy basketball shorts the boys wear.

I agree that not allowing photographs is crazy, instead we should make their shorts longer. Boys uniforms are long and loose, why do girls uniforms have to be so sexualized?

Baggier clothing is not always more comfortable, especially while playing sports. I feel much more comfortable in tight under armor than a more traditional baggier baseball type uniform that most of my teammates wear. How many times have you seen people staring at girls asses in tight short shorts? And yeah the girls on the team dont care, because young girls like looking sexy…but this is sexualizing my entire gender. And guys wear spandex under armor underneath their clothes.

These uniforms require girls to wear small tight shorts that look like underwear in public while playing a competitive sport. But since you lack reading comprehension let me clairify. Yes I do play sports. But I dress like something better than a prostitute. I wear basketball shorts and leggings. And long baggy t-shirts. Btw girls have a problem with being sexualized and not taken seriously when they are playing a compeitive sport. And really you call pictures of girls in volleyball shorts porn?

That just proves my point. And why do you have such a big problem with girls wearing longer shorts? How the fuxk does it effect you? Mom you are absolutely right — any normal guy is stimulated by the shape of a woman, even without seeing her face. I worked for a gym and would hear the personal trainers talking about the girls. If you ever are in Starbucks and are sitting by young teens, girls or boys, listen to their conversations. Society will tell you that you are crazy but many people have lost touch with common sense and good judgment.

The first time I saw them was years ago. I know my mouth must have been hanging open. I was shocked at how vulgar they look. It seems that there should be a better choice. For all of you saying that they cannot enforce the no picture rule, I disagree. When I was in high school my parents and I both had to sign papers for every sport and every club I was in so that people could take my picture and post them to the internet.

For people who did not sign it and they were in the picture, then it could not be used. This is the one sport my daughter is interested in. None of us are happy about it. I just want to say that I am a freshmen girl who is in volleyball. I am the only girl on the team who does NOT wear spandex, I wear regular running shorts instead. My reasoning behind it is that God told us through Paul to keep our bodies as a living sacrifice. I was at a volleyball tournament this weekend and I have to say I was embarrassed for some of the girls.

You can find volleyball shorts that go from 2. Hi, I am a volleyball player and will be moving to high school next school year. I used to go to practice in running shorts, which by the way are just as short. But when you get all sweaty and you are squating in a passing position my running shorts tended to ride up really bad and stick to me. I had to pull them down all the time and they were really uncomfortable. It did take a toll on my performance.

Spandex is much easier and more comfortable to play in. And when the team has a game they usually send home permission slips that ask if it is ok to take picture during their game. Their pictures will also go in the yearbook. And yes if you google pictures of volleyball shorts… Oh snap! I am a volleyball player,I have been playing since I was Spandex is equipment for volleyball just like knee pads, socks, and shoes. The reason that we play in spandex is to expand flexibility this is especially in back row.

Last time I dove in shorts I had an embarrassing situation that no girl wants to go through. Also with pictures it comes down to are you just looking at her body or actually looking at her skill level?

What would you say if they were to come in with the spandex girls have on. You would shame them. I have been playing volleyball for 5 years. Yes I belive that the spandex help tremendously with performance but also to bust a girl self esteem.

There r pro and cons to spandex just like everything else. But banning someone from taking pictures of any person playing volleyball if absolutely ridiculous.

Instead I empower my daughter to focus on her performance and be comfortable and confident in anything and everything she wears. Also, bathing suits on the beach show even more! Almost doll male athletes wear spandex compression underwear under their shorts. It ruins the game for the fan. I hear you, brother. Every point is a wide angle shot followed by an above the waist shot of two or three women talking to each other. No other sport does this.

We live in the U. A not Saudi Arabia. Women have butts and legs! This is a step up! We girls need to dive and stretch and move our legs, as real volleyball players end up on the ground a lot from diving for the ball. Shorts would often get pulled up if this happened, and the baggyness would allow you to actually see our underwear. Guys wear baggy shorts because their body is built differently crotch area , and wearing spandex would cause obvious problems in discomfort, which would prevent them from wanting to play at all.

Basketball shorts are the solution. And yes wrestlers move a lot!!! Every watch the 95lb class wrestle?!

I want my daughter to cherish her body and respect her body! I want her to know she has my support so I am getting the spandex for her this year but I am ensuring they are longer in length for modesty! But just coverage is my main goal. The body is a beautiful thing. The ancient Greek athletes played naked at the Olympics and banned competitors with tattoos and men who were circumcised. Because they defiled the natural beauty of the human body. Your poor daughter is going to grow up thinking her body needs to be hidden like some sinful forbidden fruit.

Take your sexual shaming to Iran.

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