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Lilac Tea Party Dress - 18 inch American Girl Doll Clothes Clothing This is a lovely dress, perfect for tea parties. It is made with lilac cotton fabric featuring little white spots. Featuring coordinating ribbon and front bodice detail, this dress will be a sweet addition to your collection.

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In the Land of 10, Lakes, paddle boarding has become very popular. This past year Journey Girls released a paddle board set. Priced in the US at $, the set included a paddle board and paddle, wet suit, snorkel, fins, beach towel, beach bag, sun tan lotion, and a bottle of water.
Jun 14,  · Our Generation Kayak Adventure Set Video has already been posted on my channel:D Social Media Instagram: @agoverseasfan Snapchat: therealagosf Facebook: agoverseasfan Hi friends, you can send me.
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Girl AGain opened in February to rave reviews from American Girl doll fans, their moms and especially their grandmas. You’ll find authentic gently used AG dolls, clothing, furniture, accessories and books that have been cleaned and prepared for sale at good prices in an easy-access store.

I think of all the AG knock-offs the Journey girl is a pretty nice inexpensive alternative. Thanks for the comment, Kristina. I agree about the vinyl shoulders and strappy tops. That's one of the reasons I really like the Alexander Girlz dolls, too. They are lovely dolls, just not my personal favorite of the AG knock-offs. I'm glad you're enjoying yours, though. Anonymous, I'm so glad I could help. Hope it goes well for you! I think I like the upper torso as vinyl rather than the American Girl all cloth body, it would look better with shoulder revealing clothes.

I think I prefer the vinyl chest plate to the all cloth body of American Girl, it looks better, especially with clothing eg thin straps that does not cover the upper area. I haven't heard of the pen pal girls I'll have to check them out.

Thanks for letting me know. They look really cute She is keen to learn to sew and i was thinking dolls cloths would be a good place to start. I think learning to sew doll clothes would be great if she's interested in sewing. That might help with her mom, too, if she's getting a doll for the purpose of learning to sew. Of course, I'm of the opinion that you're never too old for dolls I would love to see a comparison for ag and Kmart's what a doll. Of the ag alternatives they are one of my favorites, and I'd love to see what you think!

I've seen the What a Doll line at Kmart but have never had the chance to review them. They seem to have the exact same body style as the Alexander Girlz, with the vinyl shoulders and chest, but without poseable limbs like the My Life or Friends Boutique dolls.

I'm guessing their hair would be about the same Most of the play line Madame Alexander dolls seem to be that way. I've never actively pursued the "What a Doll" girls because I don't care for their faces as much as the Alexander Girlz or the Friends Boutique. If I ever get a chance, I'll do a review for you. With finances the way they are right now, though, it will probably be a while. When we saw them, we both agreed at how lovely they looked, never thought they looked at all creepy.

I also think that their vinyl torso looks much better than the AG dolls fabric body. We live in Australia and don't have AG dolls, so I looked at the AG website to buy a couple for my girls, but when I saw the price and then the postage on top of that, I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money. While the Journey Girl dolls are a cheaper alternative, I still think that they are a pretty good quality doll.

My girls are pretty good at looking after their things, so I can see the Journey Girl dolls lasting them years. My little one has the red haired doll, Kelsey, and is just smitten with her. Kelsey takes pride of place next to her when she's all tucked up in bed and she doesn't let her leave her side during the day. She does everything with her. My big girl also likes playing with her doll too, she has Meredith the blonde one. Miss 9 loves to dress Meredith up and do her hair, and I'm in the process of getting together some patterns, so that I can make more clothes.

Thanks for sharing, tezzf. It's always nice to hear the opinions of others who have these dolls. My 7 yr old daughter has had the Journey Girls doll Kyla maybe she's the same as Alana?

She still looks really cute except for her hair which is awful! It's a matted mess. Thank goodness for wigs! Hi My 10 year wanted to know if the hair can washed and once wet can it be blow dryed.

This Alana doll is so pretty but her hair is curled and it seems gel has been put on her ends. We bought her off craigslist cause all the jg dolls were sold out at toys r us. She just loves these dolls.

We had gotten her madame alexander doll but she seems to like the other better instead. Ordinarily, I would avoid washing the doll's hair unless it really needs it, but with the gel situation, I think this is one of those times where washing the hair is necessary. So yes, I would wash the doll's hair. I would suggest using a mild shampoo, such as a baby shampoo, although I've also used Herbal Essence on my dolls and had good results.

If the hair is still tangled after washing, you might try doing a Downy Dunk on her you can see my post about the Downy Dunk here: For one thing, you risk melting the hair, even if the dryer is on the lowest setting.

And for another thing, lower-quality hair like the Journey Girls', in my experience, does not respond well to blow-drying.

And that brings me to another point. Even after you do all this, it is very possible that the hair will still be a mess. Hair that easily tangles and is not good quality does not always respond well to the Downy Dunk method. I learned this the hard way when I tried to work on my nieces' 2 Battat dolls.

Even after all my work, their hair was still a mess. You may want to consider rewigging your daughter's doll if the hair doesn't turn out. They have beautiful faces, and it sounds like your daughter is really attached to her, so giving her a nice head of hair might be a good idea. I wouldn't recommend it. The Journey Girls dolls are much slimmer and the clothing will not fit Cecile and Marie-Grace properly, if it fits at all!

I picked up a Journey Girl or 4 and I am absolutely smitten with them. I like their figure, I find the American Girl dolls kinda.. I love the eyes, the hair is better for playing with than almost all of the other 18 inch dolls I'd had experience with other than AG. If you are using sewing patterns to make the clothes the AG patterns fit them very well, but I think the secret is elastic waists and dresses Then again, my daughter likes to dress hers in cabbage patch kid clothes too..

I love the top of the body being plastic instead of cloth because I find it looks way better with anything strappy. I just can't get over how bad AG looks in a strappy dress. I think the only thing I really liked better on AG was the hair, they really do have the best hair.

The Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls hair scares me, it's so fine and inclined to tangle. Journey Girls I would put up with Barbie hair, where if you take care of it it will stay nice, if you go around shaking your doll it is gonna tangle and look like junk. Now another easy solution for fixing the tangles is to use a spray in detangler like "it's a 10".

I found this stuff great for getting out some pretty terrible tangles even in the cheap 18 inch dolls from the craft stores. Thanks for the comment, Unknown. The Journey Girls do have beautiful faces. I'm glad you're enjoying them so much. I don't think I'd go as far as calling the American Girl dolls "fat". In fact, I find their plushy bodies rather refreshing in this age of super-skinny dolls that girls can't realistically emulate without major health problems not saying the Journey Girls are one of these, please don't misunderstand!

I do agree that they don't look as good in strappy dresses because of their plush bodies. I'm another fan of the vinyl chest plate for that very reason.

And yes, I do think the AGs have the best hair that I've found so far. While the Madame Alexander hair is pretty bad, I prefer them to the Journey Girls for their sturdier bodies and their better compatibility with standard 18" doll clothing. Thanks for the tip on the detangler. I have been warned in the past that using human hair product on doll hair can damage it over time, and I saw this firsthand with my daughter's Alexander Girlz doll.

One thing I've heard suggested is to use a spray bottle with just a touch of Downy or another fabric softener since doll hair is synthetic. I've also heard that braid spray works wonders. Have a nice day, and thanks for stopping by. There is so much vinyl on this doll's body that I don't see the point of having any of her body cloth. I think she would be able to stand better if she were made completely of vinyl.

I think in this case it would have been a better decision to make her only vinyl. She definitely would have been sturdier that way. I'm just reading your post now and I really appreciate the comparison. My daughter has 2 JGs but her Kyla is your Alana. She also has an 18" doll, very similar to AG, called a Maplelea doll. She favours it over the JGs, although tonight she was playing with all 3. The Maplelea dolls have closing eyes and lots of hair that feels real.

Their packaging is very unique and every doll, every piece of clothing and accessory come with pages for the doll's journal that tells something about Canada. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I'm not sure if they've changed Alana's name or not I've heard of the Maplelea dolls but have never had a chance to see one in person.

I've heard good things about them, though. I hope to have the opportunity to review one someday. Thanks for stopping by! Would you recommend an AG size, or a slightly larger size?

I found some wonderful, full, light brown, long haired wigs at www. Thanks in advance for your expertise. I'm guessing that your Journey Girls doll will probably take closer to a sized wig, but I would recommend purchasing the doll first and then measuring her head. I'd do it myself except I no longer have a JG doll at my house. One of the sites I've purchased from, prillycharmin.

Can't wait to see how it turns out for you. I also think I need to check out the site you found Greetings, Thank you very much for your advice and assistance. I ended up purchasing the very long, loosely curled "Donna" wig in light brown, in a size , and the Kelsey doll. It will be interesting to see how the project turns out.

Also, thank you for the additional helpful information on your site regarding the JG dolls, re-wigging, etc. It was concise, informative and well presented. All my best, your sister in Christ, Delsbethh. Glad to help, Delsbethh. I hope you stop by and tell me how the project turns out. Have a great week! Yesterday the light brown "Donna" wig arrived from dolleanne. I was prepared, so I quickly snipped off the doll's original rooted red hair and then finished by skimming over the head with electric clippers.

After checking for correct fit and proper placement, I used a quick-drying, non-toxic, tacky adhesive to attach the wig. I had researched the wig last week while waiting for it to arrive, and had learned that it was very long - approximately 18 inches.

I wanted wavy hair that is still soft enough to brush and style. When I began combing through the wig hair to eliminate the crustiness and stiffness, the ends last 2 inches became VERY entangled. It wasn't a problem because I then trimmed off the bottom 4 inches anyway, to achieve the ideal length. I have a few pictures if you are interested. Thanks for the update, Dee! I'm so glad everything worked out with the rewigging.

I'd love to see pictures! You can email them to me if you like: Thank you so much for your review! I've been looking for a "test run" doll for my daughter. She really wants an AG but I told her we'll see how she does with a cheaper doll first. The JG really are adorable. I'm hoping that the girl scout uniform from amazon fits her though!

My sister has a journey girl, Kelsey. But we did have the problem where there isn't much hair on the top. I doesn't bug us though. About the clothes, lots of AG stuff fit her, but most of her stuff doesn't fit AG. We have the same skinny jeans, and they had the same problem. She doesn't stand up well either. But she is a very good doll!!!! Thanks for the info, Makenzie. I always enjoy hearing what others have to say about the different doll lines. Herbal Essence is great for my mini Rebecca's hair!

She really need a wash, and that worked, SO glad that other people use it too! I was scared that I had scarred her for life! To be honest, I took them to the AG store to introduce them to the 18 inch doll world because I wanted them to be all goo-goo, gah-gah over them so I could buy them for Christmas! I purchase two Chavonne formerly Taryn and two Kyla formerly Alana. All of them have different outfits and I purchased the mega pack set as well as the white swing-coat outfit because I loved it so much.

I must tell you, I couldn't be happier with these dolls. The clothes are very fashionable and current. Christmas is gonna be great. Thank you for doing this comparison because in wanted to know how the differenc in sizing would look on them.

I'll stick to the JG clothing and shoes until my 7 year old starts sewing classes! That's when the real fun is going to begin!! Thanks for sharing, Anonymous. I'm glad your girls are enjoying their dolls so much. That's what's so fun about doll collecting: It's fun to see what everyone thinks.

I do think the Journey Girls have lovely faces. And I think you're wise to stick to the JG brand clothing It sounds like your girls are going to have a wonderful Christmas!! The Journey Girls are very similar in posability to the American Girl dolls. They are articulated at the shoulders and hips allowing them to move their arms and legs back and forth. They can also move their heads back and forth They do not bend at the knees or elbows.

We got our daughter an AG doll for her birthday and for Christmas she got many accessories and clothes from other lines. Do you find shoes fitting the AG dolls from the journey line? Even the Our Generation doll shoes from Target can be too small. So I wouldn't risk it if I were you. Alannah reminds me of designafriend we have here in the uk. They seem to cost similar too. They are lovely but I have two designafriend and one girl's hair is thin and the others is frizzy!

Other wise theyre good. We have the Alana doll, and I think she's gorgeous! She's one of our favorites, even though she is not the most expensively made. Thanks for the fun review! Have you seen DesignAFriend dolls? They have almost the same face mold as Alana, though she is a little more detailed.

They have full cloth bodies like american girl. Glad you enjoyed the review. I actually haven't heard of the DesignAFriend dolls yet. I'll have to check them out! Also, the new Sears Newberry Dolls look good. I am buying my daughter her first 18" doll and struggling with which brand to go with. I personally am not a fan of the Our Generation dolls, although I have not had any experience with the more recent releases. I find their faces to be a bit vacant, and their hair is pretty awful. My nieces both have OG dolls, and after a few years of play their hair was so matted that you couldn't even get a brush through it.

I do really like the OG clothing and accessories, though. You might stop by your local Costco and see if they have the Madame Alexander 18" dolls in. Those were my girls' starter dolls, and while their hair is still pretty bad, it's manageable if you buy dolls with straight hair, help them brush through it with a wire brush, and keep it in braids or ponytails.

The Walmart dolls are slightly thinner than American Girl dolls, so every once in a while some of their pants or shorts don't fit. As long as you choose an outfit that is more loose-fitting, it usually works for more standard 18" dolls.

Their hair, unfortunately, is pretty bad. To be honest, the only cheaper play doll hair I've been impressed with so far is the hair on the Hearts For Hearts Girls, which are about 14" tall. On the Walmart dolls, if you choose a doll with straight hair and keep it in braids or a ponytail or something, it's usually pretty manageable. All dresses come with matching pants. All new materials from a smoke and pet free environment.

The 18" Maryellen doll has hazel eyes that open and close, and her strawberry long hair is tied up in a ponytail with side swept bangs. She has a huggable cloth body and her moveable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl.

Our Generation clothing set, also suits Journey Girls and American Girl dolls Winter clothing outfit- comes with Purple velour dress, faux fur shawl, bracelet, handbag, hair clip and shoes.

Very soft hair and tight limbs. Bought in America Has stunning blue eyes and beautiful ginger hair. This is an American Girl doll and kit: It includes lots of clothes and shoes , A bed mattress, sleeping bag and bunkbed and bed. American girl doll clothes non original and accessories.

She still in good condition. You will get all of the clothes and accessories like on the picture. My Gumtree Post an ad. Home 1 - 17 of 17 ads for "american girl doll clothes". Offer Type Offering Doll clothes patterns Free. Brisbane Region Brisbane North East. American Girl Doll Caroline.

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